ONLY ONE WORLD is a 13-track environmental CD album born from the planetary concern and melodic mind of Jeff Kent.

The album protests against the destruction of the world’s ecosystem, nuclear weapons, the slaughter and abuse of animals, the use of violence and acid rain.

The CD stresses that all things are connected, but emphasises that to realise the dream of a harmonious planet it’s imperative that we think globally, act locally and act now!

BUY a copy of the CD for £10 + £1.50 UK p&p.

BUTCHER’S TALE c/w ANNIE, WITH THE DANCING EYES is a driving 7-inch vinyl animal rights single released by (Jeff Kent &) The Witan and taken from their Tales from the Land of the Afterglow double album .

The record protests against the loss of wildlife habitats, the barbaric practice of fox hunting and the slaughtering of seals for fur.

The “B” side is a love song, in a much gentler mood.

BUY a copy of the single for £1 + £1 UK p&p.



The following records are unavailable at present, but copies occasionally come into stock. If you’re interested in buying one, please leave a message through the CONTACT page and Jeff will be in touch if and when more copies are obtained:

Tales from the Land of the Afterglow, Part 1 – Jeff Kent & The Witan, 1984;

Tales from the Land of the Afterglow, Part 2 – Jeff Kent & The Witan, 1984;

Port Vale Forever – Jeff Kent, 1992.



The classic line-up of JEFF KENT & THE WITAN, responsible for all the band’s released recordings, pictured, left to right, in 1982: Chris Barlow (flute and recorders), Colin Lunn (guitars), Jeff Kent (lead vocals, keyboards and percussion), John Makoko (vocals and bass), Andy Quin (drums and percussion).






JEFF KENT & THE WITAN, at the launch gig of the Campaign Against Farm Animal Abuse, in Birmingham in 1984: Neil Heath (guitar), John Makoko (bass), Bill Bradbury (mandolin), Jeff Kent (vocals and keyboard).






Jeff Kent, October 1992



JEFF KENT, in Alsager, Cheshire, in 1992, recording his Port Vale Forever album.





Jeff Kent and Sue Bell at Blakesley Hall, 9. 10. 2011



JEFF KENT & SUE BELL, at Blakesley Hall, in Birmingham, in 2011.