Come to see two double sunsets on the summer solstice (Saturday 20 June) this year!

Double Sunset

(The declining sun above The Cloud, on the Staffordshire/Cheshire border, on the summer solstice)


In 2001, Jeff published his now out-of-print book, The Mysterious Double Sunset. This year, as on every summer solstice since then, he is presenting two guided public viewings of the rare double sunset phenomenon on the same night at two different locations: one in West Derbyshire and the other in North Staffordshire!

The first event is the magnificent 20-minute Chrome Hill double sunset, in which the whole of the sun sets twice and fully reappears in between. The occurrence was discovered by Jeff and is observed from Glutton Bridge, on the B 5053, just north of Longnor in the upper Dove Valley.

To see the Chrome Hill double sunset, be at the phone box in GLUTTON BRIDGE (at grid reference SK 08339 66557) at 8.15 p.m. prompt on Saturday 20 June.

The second double sunset is the atmospheric occurrence on The Cloud, in which the sun fully sets and partially reappears. This occurrence is visible from Lowe Hill, on the outskirts of Leek, in North Staffordshire, just southwest of the bridge over Ashbourne Road (the A 523).

To see The Cloud double sunset, be at LOWE HILL (at grid reference SJ 99602 55407) at 9.15 p.m. prompt, also on Saturday 20 June.

If possible, spectators are advised to bring with them solar filters or at least sunglasses even though Jeff will have a few filters with him, which he will distribute amongst the crowd if need be.

However, observers are strongly advised against looking directly at the sun with the naked eye because it may be intensely bright and therefore dangerous!

Jeff will, as usual, give a detailed talk on the phenomenon before the events occur and will guide the observers through them. He expects to be present even in adverse weather conditions, in which case he will offer advice for the spectators to witness the occurrences on the following nights and beyond.

The recommended donation to Jeff for each guided viewing is £2 per adult, or £3 for both events, but is free for children.

For further information, including on the night itself until 7 p.m., please get in touch with Jeff through the CONTACT page.