Jeff has identified well over three thousand 1,000-foot peaks in England and so far has conquered 510 of them.

(Jeff on the top of the formidable Yawning Stone, in Staffordshire, in 2012.)


As a child, Jeff developed a love affair with hills and mountains and has climbed many spectacular peaks, such as Suilven and Stac Pollaidh, in Northwest Scotland; Cadair Idris and Cnicht in North Wales and Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill in the Peak District.

In 2012, he became the first person to identify and scale all Staffordshire’s  65 1,000-foot peaks before publishing a book on the subject.


(Jeff on the summit of Sheen Hill, in Staffordshire, in 2012.)


In 2014, Jeff repeated the achievement with the 46 1,000-foot hills of Cheshire and published a book about those peaks too.


(Jeff on the summit of Shutlingsloe, in Cheshire, in 2014.)


In 2015 and 2016, Jeff identified and climbed all the 197 1,000-foot peaks of Shropshire and is planning to write a book about these hills as well!


(Jeff on the final summit of Caer Caradoc Hill in 2016, celebrating his conquest of all Shropshire’s 1,000-foot peaks.)


In 2017, Jeff identified and scaled all Herefordshire’s 44, Worcestershire’s 8 and Gloucestershire’s 5 1,000-foot peaks and hopes to write a book about them too!


(Jeff on the summit of Worcestershire Beacon in 2017.)


In 2018, Jeff climbed 88 1,000-foot peaks in Derbyshire, but, because of the large number of hills still to be confronted in this county, his project there is ongoing.

Jeff was accompanied on almost all his ascents by his partner, walking companion and faithful photographer, Sue Bell, who also reached the vast majority of the precise hill tops and all the summit areas except for that of Harley’s Mountain, in Herefordshire, which she didn’t tackle because of feeling unwell.

Also, since 2015, he has been identifying England’s 1,000-foot peaks (named the Kents in honour of his parents, Cyril and Helen) and is very advanced in publishing a record of all of them, which he hopes to produce in several regional volumes. Indeed the first three in the series, Southern England’s 1,000-Foot Peaks, Northeast England’s 1,000-Foot Peaks and Yorkshire’s 1,000-Foot Peaks, have been published and signed copies of them are available through the BOOKS page.