(The White Wyrm of Mercia, designed by Colin Bex.)


Jeff has been a campaigner for planetary change for over forty years, but, ironically, the world ecological situation is even grimmer now than it was before he started out!

Having realised that England and its people had been unlawfully ruled by the Norman-British state since the Conquest of 1066, in 1974 he dreamed of founding the English People’s Freedom Movement, but could find no-one interested in being a member of such an organisation.


(The tribes of Mercia in the eighth century.)


In the 1970s, Jeff became increasingly concerned about the damage caused by human beings to the environment and its animals and from 1977 wrote ecological and humanitarian protest songs, which have been performed by his various bands.

In 1980, he joined the fledgling Ecology (later Green) Party and co-founded the North Staffs Ecology Party before forming the South Cheshire one four years later. He became an active member of the Education Working Group, but left the party in 1989 because of its increasingly centralised structure and use of celebrities (for example, David Icke) to try to curry public favour.

In 1993, Jeff co-founded the Mercia Movement, to campaign to re-establish the independence of the region, and became its co-ordinator. He was elected as the convener of the Mercian Constitutional Convention in 2001, which produced a constitution for the region and then declared the legal independence of Mercia in 2003.


(Jeff [centre] and other members of the Mercian Constitutional Convention declaring the legal independence of Mercia, in Birmingham, in 2003.)


Having achieved its objectives, the Constitutional Convention became the Acting Witan (acting government) of Mercia, which likewise elected Jeff as its convener. The following year, the Acting Witan launched Mercia’s new currency (based on the penny), in 2010 proclaimed the Staffordshire Hoard to be the property of the region and has registered well over 2,000 people as citizens of Mercia.

Jeff now concentrates his campaigning energies on the Mercian initiative, which aims to create a new, holistic society in the region, based on the principles of ecological balance, co-operative community and organic democracy.

Its book, The Mercia Manifesto: A blueprint for the future inspired by the past, can be bought from the BOOKS page.

The situation on the planet is becoming desperate, so please visit the Acting Witan’s https://www.independentmercia.org website and help us try to reverse the damage in Mercia by living sustainably.